Getting Started

This tools is something I created for myself for quickly searching for some unicode characters without having to open my browser everytime.


Anicode is available on PyPi. So you can easily install the anicode package with the following command:

pip install --user anicode

This will install the Anicode package as well as give you access to the embeded command line utility!


If you do not have access to the anicode command line utility after using the above command, make sure that the ~/.local/bin/ directory is included in your $PATH environment varaible.


Anicode requires Python 3.5+! If you haven’t yet started using Python 3, you should definitely start since many projects are fully dropping support for Python 2.7.

Command Line

Using Anicode from the command line is really simple. After installing Anicode from pip, the anicode tool should be accessible from the shell.


You should be able to search for unicode characters using the following command:

anicode search "query"

After searching, the tool will prompt you to select the character you want.


This tool only searches for proper unicode character names. Fuzzy unicode character matches are not yet supported.